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Diving, travel stories, pictures - photos of ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne

Over the years, ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne has made several diving trips and collected many travel stories. The past diving trips took place on among others; the Azores - Portugal, Spain (L'Estartit), South of France, Jordan and Egypt (Marsa Alam, El Gouna and Sharm El Sheik). From Antwerpen - Deurne you can easily travel to Spain or the South of France by car or the plane. To dive in the Azores, Egypt and Jordan you're obliged to opt for a (charter)aircraft.

Of course, ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne didn't just stick to Europe for its diving locations and has also travelled to exotic destinations. Our list includes among others Mozambique, Socorro, San Benedicto and Roca Partida in Mexico, Jupiter - Florida in the USA, Sipidan in Malaysian Borneo, South Africa, the Maldives, Costa Rica, the Philippines (Cebu, Bohol, Negros and Puerto Galera), Belize, Phuket and the Similan Islands in Thailand, Bali, Sulawesi with the famous dive sites Bunaken, Bangka, Lembeh Strait and Manado, Baja California in Mexico, Bonaire and several other longhaul destinations.

You might wonder why ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne chooses to go this far for its dive trips? The answer is quite obvious: a different temperature, sun, the current, depth, soil structure, etc. result in a different biotope. When you want the experience, and discover more of that beautiful underwater and sea life, you will need to travel further.

Have a look at the many trips with corresponding photos below and read the travel stories of ADC Scuba diving Antwerpen - Deurne. Click for the travel stories with accompanying pictures on the white link under the photo banner or on the blue country title.

ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne always tries to provide its travel and diving trip stories as accurate as possible. All dive sites are described in detail and there are always many pictures of both above and under water to be found. In the travel stories, you will find various opinions about lodging, medicine as well as the hyperbaric centres, emergency numbers, electricity, e.g. Before leaving for a diving trip always check the link and data of the hyperbaric centres and hospitals. Should there be any changes, please contact the webmaster of ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne.

Below you'll find a summary of the dive trips with the accompanying travel stories and a wide range of beautiful pictures and videos of the diving and landscapes. Each year we make new dive trips of which we always try to publish a travel story soon after. So, one more reason to visit this page with dive trips, travel stories, pictures and dive movies several times a year! Have you just returned from a similar dive trip? Then, definitely have a peek at the pictures at our ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne website to relive your journey.

The local pictures of our dives in Belgium and The Netherlands may not lack. Here you will find a great range of pictures and videos of the fascinating underwater life closer to home.

Pictures and videos of our dive trips, travel stories, dive sites, landscapes, cities, flora and fauna

Future Dive Trips:

2017: Shark diving in Jupiter - Florida
2017: Diving with manta rays, sharks, dolphins, humpbacks and whale sharks in Mozambique
2017: Diving with manta rays, sharks, dolphins, humpbacks and whale sharks in Socorro
2018: Christmas Island, a unique island with its many crabs

To read the whole trip story with many photos, movies and information
click on the country's name (title in blue) of your choice or click on the underlined white title under the picture bar.

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Diving with manta rays, sharks, dolphins and sea lions in Mexico - Socorro, San Benedicto, Roca Partida and Sea of Cortez

The Revillagigedo Palace group of islands in the Pacific Ocean - Pacific Ocean, better known as the islands Socorro, San Benedicto and Roca Partida are ideal for scuba diving with sharks, manta rays, dolphins and large schools of fish, giant manta rays, dolphins and fish balls

socorro island san benedicto roca partida

Travel story with many photos of Socorro Island - San Benedicto - Roca Partida and the Sea of Cortez in Mexico


Diving with large sharks in Jupiter - Florida - USA

Jupiter is located on the eastern coast of Florida and is the ideal place to dive with great sharks. The most common species are the bull shark, lemon shark, nurse shark, tiger shark and hammer head shark. Dives here are only suitable for divers who have the necessary experience with shark diving, are able to trim and dive with NITROX. You must also take into account that the current can be very strong and therefore have to be fit enough to quickly get back on board. Finally, we must also mention that this region counts 50% of all annual and global sharks' bites.

In Florida, you can of course also undertake many other activities. Make sure to go for a tour and visit the Art Deco district of South Beach in Miami, the rocket launch base; Kennedy Space Centre, the amusement parks in Orlando (Universal Studios, multiple Disney parks, etc.), snorkel with cute manatees in Crystal River, sailing with a propeller boat on the Everglades and finally, certainly don't forget to visit the Key's. Here you'll have to try the Key Lime pie, a local delicacy which derives its unique taste to the limes which only grow here.

usa florida jupiter sharks manatees everglades keys

Travel story with many photos of shark diving in Jupiter - Florida, snorkelling with Manatees, boat trip on the Everglades, relaxing at the Keys, amusement parks in Orlando, etc.


Diving on the islands of Sipadan and Mabul Kapalai, and wildlife watching in the jungle of eastern Borneo - Malaysia

On Mabul and Kapalai you mainly dive on small sea life. Sipadan is a protected Marine Reserve with very many large turtles, sharks, white tip sharks, large schools of fish and beautiful coral with the associated life to admire. The jungle tours in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, sanda" meaning Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center and river cruises on the Kinabatangan River offer lots of wildlife such as orangutans, macaques, nose monkeys, pigs, owls, crocodiles, elephants, hoses, many types of birds, multiple types of feline, squirrels, etc.

malaysia borneo sipadan kapalai mabul jungle

Travel story with many photos, diving at Sipadan Kapalai Mabul, and beautiful jungle tours and much wildlife on Malaysian Borneo


Shark Diving in South Africa and the big five in Kruger National Park

Among divers, South Africa is especially known and popular for its shark diving. Depending on the season the sharks alternate which makes even whale watching possible. South Africa has a variety of beautiful areas such as the Dragons Mountains and of course the many natural parks with the associated wild animals. One of the best known nature parks is the Kruger National Park, which is certainly worth a visit. With a little research and a solid portion of luck you can spot the big five here: the lion, elephant, black rhino, buffalo and leopard (which is the hardest to find).

south africa sharks safari lions

Travel story with many photos of South Africa shark diving and the big five in Kruger National Park


The Maldives - Gaafu and Addu atol in Dutch

The Maldives are mainly known for their white pristine sandy beaches, clear blue Indian Ocean and the ideal water sports facilities. The sports that are practiced here the most are diving and snorkelling. Despite the many positive reactions on other websites, the Maldives (in particular the Gaafu and Addu atol) absolutely doesn't belong to our top 25 best dive sites in the world.


Travel story with many photos to the Maldives in the Indian Ocean


Spain - L'Estartit

L'Estartit, a former fisherman town situated at the foot of the Montgrí massif, is now a modern seaside resort thanks to its 5 km long, gently sloping sandy beach at the Mediterranean Sea. At approx. 1,5 km in front of the coast are the Medes islands with their beautiful rock formations, a paradise for diving and ideal for snorkelers.

spain estartit

Travel story with many photos to Spain - L'Estartit and the Medes Islands in the Mediterranean Sea


Costa Rica

In the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of Costa Rica you'll find especially great life as manta rays, large schools of fish, dolphins, humpback whales, white sharks, bull sharks, moray eels and much more.

In March, there is a lot of plankton present in the Pacific Ocean, which causes a limited visibility from 6 to a maximum of 12 meters.

Costa Rica features a very extensive fauna and flora. A tour through this beautiful green country with its many natural parks is definitely recommended.

costa rica

Travel story with many photos of Costa Rica


Philippines - islands Cebu, Bohol and Negros

The Philippines are known for exuberant macro life such as nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, anemones with amphiorion, crabs and shrimps, spring star and small marine life, coral with its biotope, turtles, but sometimes also very large life as Manta Rays, Whale sharks, hammer head sharks and so much more.

On Cebu is Pescador Island, the best place that can be dived at, along both sides. Pescador Island is located halfway between the west coast of Cebu. At the bottom of the east coast of Cebu you'll find Oslob. This former fisherman town has been transformed into a real tourist attraction, where you can enjoy diving and snorkelling with whale sharks that stick around all year round.

From south-eastern Negros, you can easily get to the Protected Marine Nature Reserve of Apo Island. Apo Island has very many well-preserved coral and there is a lot of fish present. Depending on the wind and current, you can dive here at 4 or 5 different places. However, taking photos underwater isn't as easy, as there usually is a strong current.

On Bohol is Balicasag Island, the best dive site and is easily accessible from the coastal town named Tagbilaran. On this dive site are many anglerfish present.

philippines cebu bohol negros

Travel story with many photos of Cebu, Negros and Bohol in the Philippines


Portugal - Azores - Pico

The Azores is a Portuguese group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Pico Organized dive trips on which especially blue sharks and mako sharks are being spotted, departing from the island Pico. The top of the dive site Princess Alice Bank is located at 45m depth in the Atlantic Ocean and is known as an excellent place to go diving with mobulas. From Pico, you have the option to go side diving, but the bottom consists of lava rock structure. Except for some gorgons, there is no coral, nor colourful fish present.

In the Azores around Pico and Faial there are 5 types of dolphins to be found: the common dolphin - (max. 2 - 2,5m), Bottle Nose Dolphin (max. 2 - 4m), Atlantic spotted dolphin (max. 2,2M), striped dolphin (max. 2,6M) and Risso's dolphin (max. 4,3M). From Pico and Faial you especially have the chance to go snorkelling with the common dolphins, but sometimes the other types do occur.

From mid-April to mid-May, you can also go whale watching in the Azores (from Pico and Faial): Blue Whale (max. 30m), fin whale (max. 27,3m), sei whale (max. 19,5m) humpback whale (max. 15m) and sperm whale (max. 20,5m). The sperm whale - sperm whale even remains in the region until October.

From July to August you can com across the following species of whales in the Azores (from Pico and Faial): sperm whale (max. 20,5m), beaked whale (max. 4 - 13m), northern Bottle Nose whale - (max. 9,8M), Sowerby's beaked whale (max. 5,5) and Cuvier's beaked whale (max. 7m).

azores pico portugal

Travel story with many photos of Pico in the Azores


Belize, the blue hole and Maya ruins in Dutch

The best Caribbean dive sites of Belize are Long Caye, Half Moon Caye and the blue hole in Light House Reef.

Who says Belize, immediately thinks of the blue hole. The Blue Hole in Belize is 125m deep and has a diameter of 300m. The stalagmites and stalactites in the blue hole are impressive and have a size of more than 8m.

In addition to the turtles in Belize, you can also come across large barracudas, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks, Groupers, schools of snappers, tarpons and rays. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the many types of coral with the associated colourful reef fish. The lucky ones sometimes also spot a manta ray and in April the chance on seeing a whale sharks is bigger.

Belize also has an old rich Mayan culture and the well-preserved Maya ruins are definitely worth a visit. The beautiful archaeological sites Althun Ha, Cahal Pech, Caracol en Xunantunich in Belize and Tikal in Guatemala are a must for every culture cognoscente.

The fauna and flora of Belize is beautiful. A canoe trip on Monkey River and guided walk through the adjacent jungle is certainly worth it. Together with the guide you'll be looking for traces of wild animals in the dense forest, while in the background you'll hear the roar of the monkeys. A unique experience!

belize blue hole mayan ruins

Travel story with many photos of Belize in Central America


Jordanë - Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum in Dutch

When you go diving in the Red Sea from Aqaba in Jordan, you'll see especially crocodile fish, blue spotted rays, anglerfish, stone fish, coral devils, Scorpion Fish and parrot fish. In addition, you will also find many types of coral with the associated colourful reef fish, Spanish Dancers, mimic octopus, squid, barracudas, the wreck Cedar Pride and much more. All dive sites are easily reached from the shore.

A visit to the world famous archaeological site of Petra and a trip through the Wadi Rum desert should certainly not be skipped.

jordan aqaba petra wadi rum

Travel story with many photos of Aqaba in Jordan


Indonesiaë - Sulawesi - Manado,

Sulawesi is one of the larger islands of Indonesia. In addition to Manado, the best and most famous dive sites are Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh Strait.

Manado has some dive sites where mandarin fish can be spotted and where the male fish woo their female companion every night. A beautiful and unique spectacle! North of Manado is a small wreck, where many fish can be admired.

Bunaken is a protected natural area where especially (deep or shallow) drop off diving takes place. Here you'll see mostly white sharks, nudibranchs, Scorpion Fish and many types of coral with colourful reef fish. Sometimes manatees are also seen.

Bangka is a diving place with lava rock, planted with nice soft corals. This environment is mainly inhabited by colourful reef fish and turtles.

Lembeh Strait is known for its muck diving with many critters, you almost never encounter in other places. It is a favourable place for macro photographers who can eat their heart out with ghost pipe fish, cardinal tetra, pygmy seahorses, scorpionfish, stone fish, Pegasus, flamboyant octopus that can change colour instantly, the extremely toxic and deadly blue ringed octopus, the mimic octopus, electric shells, e.g. Lembeh Strait is unfortunately very contaminated and therefore the sight is rather limited.

sulawesi indonesia

Travel story with many photos of Sulawesi in Indonesia


Thailand - Phuket in Dutch

From Phuket in Thailand Andeman you dive into the Andeman sea, on the Similan Islands, Rock Richelieu and Phi-Phi Island. During these dives, you'll especially see manta rays, zebra sharks, bamboo sharks, coral devils, stone fish, scorpion fish, moray eels, nudibranchs, turtles, sepias and many types of coral with corresponding colourful reef fish.

thailand phuket

Travel story with many photos, of Phuket in Thailand

Movie of diving in the Andaman Sea and Phi-Phi Island


Netherlands Antilles - Bonaire in Dutch

In the Caribbean Sea around Bonaire, during your dive you'll especially see tarpons, sepias, octopus, squid, parrot fish, butterfly fish and many types of coral with colourful reef fish. Also, the wreck Hilma Hooker is certainly worth a visit.

bonaire the netherlands antilles

Travel story with many photos of Bonaire in the Dutch Antilles

Movies of diving in Bonaire and the Caribbean Sea


Egypt - Marsa Alam in Dutch

The dive sites in the Red Sea near Marsa Alam - Egypt are especially known for their dolphins, turtles, crocodile fish, blue spotted rays, coral devils, Scorpion Fish, Parrot fish and many types of coral with corresponding colourful reef fish.

egypt marsa alam

Travel story with many photos of Marsa Alam Egypt


Indonesia - Bali in Dutch

In the Bali Sea, located on the north side of Bali, you'll especially come across manta rays, pygmy seahorses, anglerfish, nudibranchs and many types of coral with colourful reef fish. Also, the wreck USS AT Liberty in Tulamben and the coral projects in Lovina and Permutang are certainly worth a dive trip.

If you go diving in Bali, you have to at least visit one of the many beautiful Hindu temples. On the island is also a Buddhist temple and you can take a trip to a volcano. From Bali you can also opt for a short flight to Yogyakarta on Java, where you can visit the world famous Borobudur and Prambanan temples which if you do, will be the highlights of your trip.

Bali Indonesie

Travel story with many photos of Bali - Indonesia

Travel tour in Bali and Java - Yogyakarta with the highlights the Borobudur and Prambanan movies diving in the Balinese Sea, nord of Bali - Indonesia Bali part 1, Bali part 2, Bali part 3 and Bali part 4

Photos - pictures Oosterschelde (in Dutch):

Photos - pictures diving in sweet water, quarries, under ice and helmet (in Dutch):

Other trips with corresponding travel stories and photos:


New Zealand

New Zealand literally has it all: beautiful lakes, unblended nature, impressive film locations, the old Maori culture, unique indigenous animals, friendly people, many spectacular attractions for adrenaline junkies, the Pacific Ocean, the Tasman Sea and so much more!

The numerous lakes of New Zealand are generally quite large and have depending on the height of the sun and wind beautiful colourful reflections. In terms of nature you will find that there are pristine rainforests, rough mountains with old glaciers, volcanic regions with thermal activities and boiling (mud) pools, idyllic but also rugged coastal routes, expansive meadows with thousands of sheep and countless panoramic lookout points. For this reason, New Zealand is more than once used as the décor and a popular film location for many film directors. The most famous of these are Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia and Wolverine.

Avid hikers in New Zealand can eat their heart out with the many available hiking paths. Furthermore, your trip can't lack a visit to one of the Maori tribes with their impressive haka dance. New Zealand is also home to several specific animals such as the kiwi, glow worms, brown fur seal, sperm whales and many native birds.

For the more adventurous adrenaline junkies New Zealand is like Mecca: bungee jumping, death ride, parachuting, parasailing, zorbing, etc. Nothing is too crazy and everything is possible! New Zealand also has a few dive sites, especially located north of the North Island.

sri lanka

Travel story with many photos of New Zealand


Sri Lanka in Asia in Dutch

A trip to Sri Lanka is easily combined with a week of diving in the Maldives.

When in Sri Lanka certainly go for a jeep safari in the Wilpattu or Yala National Park and discover the many animals. These parks are particularly known for their leopard population. That said, you have to be lucky to spot these shy animals. A visit to the Buddhist site of Mihintale and Sigiriya, also known as the lion rock and Unesco World Heritage Site, may undoubtedly not be absent on your to-do list. A considerable climb on both locations is inevitable, but these historic sites are certainly worth the effort. Also, the royal palaces, bathhouses and temples of the old Polonnaruwa are a real must-see. In Gal Vihara you can admire an ensemble of four large granite Buddha images, which are shown in different positions. An elephant Safari in e.g. the Hurulu Eco Park in Habarana should certainly not be missed on a Sri Lanka tour. Dambulla is known for its five cave temples with approximately 130 carved and painted Buddha statues. The Elephant Orphanage in Pinna Wela, where most of the elephants freely walk around, is certainly a must and when in Kandy, take part in the evening Ceremony The Temple of the Tooth of Buddha. Drive on the high plains through the vast tea plantations to visit a tea processing factory. Finally visit capital Colombo, where you'll find some beautiful colonial buildings.

sri lanka

Travel story with many photos of Sri Lanka in Asia


Portugal - Lisbon city trip in Dutch

The lively capital of Portugal is by many known as a beautiful city trip destination.

The Baixa district has a number of beautiful squares (Restauradores, Figueira and Rossio) with statues, fountains and old buildings with impressive facades. The antique cable tram Gloria saves tourists a steep climb to the higher situated Chiado district. As an alternative, you can also opt for the Santa Justa lift from 1902, but be prepared to line up in an elongated queue.

The Torre de BeléM is an impressive tower which was built in the golden 16th century and radiates the grandeur of the superpower that Lisbon was. From the top of Torre the Belém you can get a breath taking view over the Tagus River and its banks. A bit further down the road to the water side you can admire the Padrao dos Descobrimentos i.e. the Monument of the Discoveries. All great and important figures from the Portuguese history are represented. The main attraction of BeléM is however the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, what is a masterpiece of the Manueline architecture and definitely can be indexed as the most beautiful building of Lisbon.

In the Bairro Alto district is the Basilica da Estrela, which was built in the second half of the 18th century. This large basilica is characterized by a baroque white dome. The famous Santa Catharina Church, which dates back to the 17th century, is very unobtrusive between a number of townhouses, but the interior is one big gold plate and also has a remarkable painted ceiling. In the Bairro Alto district you will find many great restaurants with a view of the castle of Sao Jorge.

In the new district in the east of Lisbon, where in 1998 the Expo took place, dominate wide promenades, modern apartment buildings and office complexes and shopping centres the street scene. Also the Oceanario, one of the largest aquariums in the world, is found in this area.

The Castelo de Sao Jorge is located on the highest hilltop of Lisbon and is absolutely worth a visit. Also the square Praša da Figueira that's close to the entrance of the Castelo de Sao Jorge, is a gem.

lisbon portugal

Travel story with many photos of Lisbon in Portugal


Peru in South America

Most tours start in the capital Lima. From there people usually travel to Arequipa in order to adapt to the height. Due to the many white historical buildings Arequipa is also known as the 'white city'. In the Colca Canyon you can watch condors, the largest birds on earth, sometimes even from a very close distance. The Titicaca Lake with its floating thatched villages on 3800m height are also worth a visit. Cuzco, the cosy town with its narrow streets, a slice of authentic Inca wall, many churches and markets may of course not lack in a classic tour. The beautiful Sacred Valley and the ancient Inca ruins of Pisac and Ollantaytambo are definitely worth a visit. From Ollantaytambo you can also the visit the ruins of Moray, which date back to before the Inca era. The highlight of Peru is, of course, Machu Picchu, the enchanting Inca ruins in the mountains, which to most of us still are a mystery. Make sure that you get up early enough to see the sun rise from the top of Machu Picchu. Stunning! Before you leave Peru via Lima, you could pay a very last visit to the historic site of Saqsayhuaman.

Sulawesi Indonesia

Travel story with many photos of Peru in South America


Spain - Citytrip Barcelona

A city trip to Barcelona is good to combine with a week of diving in L'Estartit and the Medes Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Lively Barcelona has many points of interest: The cozy Barri Gotic district, the Basilica of Santa Maria del Pi, the lush decorative building Casa Lleo-Morera, many architectural gems of Gaudi with Parc Güell, Casa Batllo, Palau Güell and La Sagrada Familia as highlights. The green hilltop Montjuïc, the National Museum of Catalan art, Poble Espanyol with its copies of old Spanish buildings, Port Vell with among other things a large aquarium and the Historical Museum of Catalonian, Palau de la Musica Catalana that since 1997 is listed on the Unesco World Heritage List, Ciutadella Park with the Font Monumental and corresponding sculptures in Neoclassical style, Plaça de Catalunya that is the connecting point between the old and the new city and last but not least Las Ramblas which perhaps is the most famous promenade of Spain.

citytrip barcelona spanje

Travel story with many photos of Barcelona in Spain

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Advice of ADC Scuba Diving Deurne - Antwerpen for those who want to learn scuba diving:

People who plan to learn scuba diving during their trip abroad, we advise not to do so. It is much wiser to take scuba diving lessons in Belgium or the Netherlands and obtain the necessary dive certificates. In the vicinity of Deurne - Antwerpen there are several diving schools with experienced dive instructors, where you can learn to dive in a safe and responsible way.

If you take diving lessons during your trip, you are still too busy with your material, looking for your balance, learning trimming, etc., giving you absolutely no time to enjoy the beautiful underwater life. Sin of your time and money! In this way you will be able to spend more relaxing and enjoy more of your diving holiday.

Always consult the meteo of ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne before you go diving! You get good weather forecasts and current meteo of the Oosterschelde - Zealand. Furthermore, you will find good links to other meteo websites, which will help you find the right weather conditions at your dive site.

Any questions about learning to scuba dive? You can always contact ADC Scuba Diving Antwerpen - Deurne for advice.

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